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laurelpremie_SPECIALAWARD 2.jpg
laurelpremie_SPECIALAWARD 2.jpg

Welcome to the official online fine art photo gallery for Juan DeDios artworks and his "dogma in-a-rush! 2015".

We are very delighted to have you as a visitor and we hope you will find an art work produced by that will inspire you to bring it home through our official and secured international webshop with base in Denmark.

When you order online an art work from DeDios you will be receiving a unique certified non-mass produced fine art photography made by the artist, and printed under control and supervision of the artist in Denmark. We work with professional digital printers specialized in Fine Art Photography printing & framing in Denmark.

It is not possible to buy a digital document in order for you to print at home or with your own supplier, since this will brake the value and the authenticity behind each work produced by Juan DeDios with base in Denmark. We invite to all our guests to NOT buying copies or prints from other online sources or physical shops not authorized as our official art dealers of DeDios dogma in-a-rush 2015.

There are several hundreds of unique art works captured by DeDios since 2013, and they are in "curator" process on going, time plays a very significant role in the process of selecting and releasing an art work, the result brings value to your investment.  We invite you to sign up to our news letter, or visit our news room in this website where you will hear more about upcoming exhibitions, collaborations and new releases of art works series ready to be ordered online and shipped world wide.


Shipping costs are included world wide as a flat rate. But depending on your country the flat rate may vary. 



Specific sizes, framing and materials to be used as print media, please describe them alone with your order number in the same shopping process or by sending  an email directly to the artist:

If your purchase is a gift to another person with a different address from yours, please notify this as well in your cart process or by sending  an email directly to the artist:



For booking Juan DeDios for a talk, conference, workshop or exhibition please contact directly the artist at:

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