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Juan DeDios uses his photography technique to produce unique abstract and impressionistic images, his dogma is called in-a-rush, and stands for capturing the subject on the spot without much deliberation. Juan DeDio's dogma stands for not using digital manipulations, he produces his photographic works in his camera house by mastering his photographic technique which he has developed since 2013 and presented for the first time in April 2015 in Denmark.


​Juan DeDios' art works are a fusion of storytelling, street photography with the use of images as a medium for expression of creativity and art, based on his experiences as a former news & graphic designer and photojournalist. He visualizes the banal and ephemere and manage to merge the in-a-rush situation into a memory to be saved for the aftertime, as a social and cultural phenomena, where the motif embraces time and space in order to become an universal and timeless message.  

In 2016, he was invited to participate at the censored international photo-exhibition contest  held by the Danish Museum of photography, winning 3 prizes and the official second place with the artwork "El Arbol - på vej til Spentrup".

Special prizes for Juan DeDios and his Dogma In-A-Rush 2015 :

"Ny Boder" 2015 - Copenhagen - Skagen Jury Award

"Tilsandede Kirke" 2014 - Skagen Jury Award

"Turister" 2014 -Skagen - Innovation Award

"El Arbol" 2015 - Bjergby - 2nd Place Award

After his graduation as formal photographer, Juan DeDios obtained a job as Art Director photographer for the award winning advertising agency based in Horsens, Denmark.

Juan de Dios has developed his own photo technique and has been experimenting with it since 2013. The result reminds us of paintings from the impressionist and abstract period. He defines this journey as his "dogma-in-A-rush 2015", since it was in 2015 he presented his artworks in a solo exhibition for the first time. Curator Gunner Byskov presented the exposition with these words:

"It is rare to encounter a major innovator in the Danish landscape photography. Danes have a fairly common understanding of how Denmark should be seen - the Golden age of painters have not lived in vain! Perhaps then, only a foreigner with fresh eyes could show us the landscape in a new way, and that is exactly what Juan de Dios achieves with his pictures, captured in both large and small cities, as well as in the Danish countryside. What a wonderful observation! New lines, shapes and colors appear before our wondering eyes: is this really Denmark? Yes, it is!... and the Danish landscapes will never be quite the same after this...​

Juan DeDios’ curiosity and interest in meeting his contemporary art photography colleagues brought him to a very special encounter with Trine Søndergaard, when Juan de Dios received a stipend for attending her storytelling and art workshop in 2017 during one week at Kunstfabrikken. 

Portræt af Juan: Anders T.


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